Saturday, 1 February 2014

There is a crack in everything

I had great plans for this was going to be random and arty.  Everything was going swimmingly until, as usual, I went one step too far and wrecked the whole page.   Arrrghhhh!   I might have even used the fiddlesticks word!  Ironic really given the Stamp which sparked my ideas! This is not as free form and arty as the original, but the photo does have the effect I wanted.
I hope you come on over and have a play - let your inner artist out  :)
I used some older My Mind's Eye papers
The flowers were fussy cut from old Crate paper Bliss collection, "Groovy"
They look a bit grey here, but IRL they are beige colour
The metal embellies are from Bo Bunny
The stamp is from Tim Holtz
Mixed media background
Heart (on the stamp)
Border punch

TESTIMONY - What does my Art mean to me?   The journalling is on the back and it reads:-

Without trying to sound coy, I'm not sure that what I create can really be called ART.  I think that scrappers who's work I admire, are real artists and what I do, is more like a craft.  Reflecting on the question has been interesting; it made me ask myself why I think that way.  It could be a tendency to strive for perfection, rather than just enjoying the process.  Perhaps it highlights the main reason I scrap and that is to tell the story.  Writing helps me makes sense of my life and records the children's stories, but could that be Art?  At the head level, I'm willing to accept imperfection, but at the gut level, the remnants of a brutal education still linger and I want everything to be outrageously excellent.  Then I remind myself that this is for the children and that makes it all worth while....besides I have at least five years worth of stash to use!



  1. absolutely love this Helen, it looks pretty arty to me ... beautiful work xxoox

  2. Wow...this is just fabulous Helen. I love the crackle effect of the photo. Really really arty.

  3. This looks amazing, love your photo, and had a smile at your journalling about the 5 years of stash!!hehe!! but yes I appreciate what you are saying, I failed at art because what I created at school was not to the teachers liking, but how can she judge what I created? I do think we can take it all a bit too seriously, and there is no such thing as a mistake, just a detour in the road to what we were going to create!! and I love the tim holtz stamp too!!

  4. Oh, yes, that being the best is only good enough thing is a bit of a bug bear that we have to live with, eh???!!! LOOOOOOOOOVE your picture! And that nicely put!!! And I'd have loved to have seen your other arty interpretation...but anyways......not to be, eh? This one is wonderful as it is:):)

  5. Helen I am loving these artsy techniques that you are applying to your photos. They totally rock. Another slightly contradictory layout for me... :) They are so artsy and yet your journalling tells a different story... I wonder if perhaps we just don't see our art the way others does... I strive to be like you... yet your journalling resonated with me once again. I don't know how we stop being so hard on ourselves... I love the background on this layout and that stamp is one of my faves... I am willing to be that you have more than five years worth of stash too :D :D :D
    This is another fabulous layout.

  6. I like both of the quotes you used on your page. The page itself feels light and airy, even though it has a lot of detail. Nice balance.

  7. Such a super page Helen and so love those stamped sentiments! Soooo very true! LOL...I had to smile when I read your and Val's page for OUAS...such a similar sentiment...and I can so relate to both. I have always said that we are our own worst critics...and if sometimes our work is not validated that we lose faith... But we each have such different styles and for such different reasons and they are special, because they are our personal styles. I truly believe that the heart that we create with, is ultimately the heart that will shine through in every page...and that's what is important! You surely create with heart and we see it! xx

  8. Hi Beth, thanks for your kind words. Somehow I neglected to post your comment...sorry about that. Here they are. Helen, thank you so much for sharing your story. As someone who suffers from profound depression and anxiety, it means the world to me that I'm not alone. And that we can live and prosper.
    P.S. I had to look up the word "purulent" :)

  9. Your layout is amazing! I absolutely love it!!! the photo and the words behind it - brilliant! Awesome! :D

  10. I LOVE this Helen, I love the effect of your photo, goes perfectly with the words of Leonard Cohen. And I think sometimes we are far to hard on ourselves, as long as we are leaving our memories, are enjoy the creative process that is what matters, not other peoples judgements. Your journalling is always a treat x

  11. So Artsy and I love it....The photo looks amazing the background stencil and colour work....keep scrapping and stay true to happy with what you do after all you are the only one that has to like it......I think/know your family are going to have the most amazing albums...Lucky them having you create this memory keeping album for them. I love visiting you blog and seeing/reading what you have created..... I am always inspired...Thanks for sharing your talents with us!! xx

  12. I just love this quote! so true, so meaningful.
    I love how the cracked photo goes so well with the theme - very creative. the colors are so soft and gentle.
    But above all - your journaling. again your jouranling. goes from the heart and gets into the hearts. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Beaitiful page and lovely photo of you both x
    Happy 2018 xx