Tuesday 31 March 2015

Happy - Kraft+ March challenge

Hello Scrappy friends and welcome.  
This evening, by the skin of my teeth, 
I’m sharing a layout for the Kraft+ challenge.
Thanks Sandra and your amazing team for this inspirational challenge site.
The challenge is to use Kraft plus, sketch, glitter, e.g. gold, sequins, bling. 
to see what the Design Team have created for your inspiration.
I chose to use a gilding technique which I learnt
at a class with the super talented
Louise Nelson.
It's a bit of a messy process, but I love the result.


Monday 9 March 2015

Happy - DT layout for CSI 157

Hello scrappy friends, thanks for visiting my blog today.
There is a bonus sketch this week from Em Stafrace 
and the challenge is open for the whole month of March.
to see what the DT and guests have created for your inspiration.
I chose to use Grey at the predominant colour 
and minimal use of the red.
The background paper is from 13@rts, the Timeless collection, Perfect Moment, just the ticket for photos taken on a wedding day.
 The chipboard title and circles are from 2Crafty,
The sparkly dots are "Say it in crystals" by Prima.  
The wooden hearts are by Freckled Fawn
The metal charms are all from Seriously Scrapbooking, my LSS


I used the words capture and click to inspire my journalling. (My words are on the back of the page)

It can be tricky to capture natural looking photos of my Husband and my Son.  So those two images, which were clicked while they were focussed on something else, (waiting for the bride), are very precious.

They are alike in many ways, both reserved and thoughtful, yet with a quick wit and dry sense of humour.  They are both averse to conflict, but can take a stand, if an issue is important enough to them.

Their gifts of thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness, contribute so much to a relationship, smoothing the way through rare turbulent times, when friction threatens to disturb the peace.

Passionate about their beloved football team, they have been known to scream, shout, jump in the air and disagree (bleep....bleep) with the umpire, both at home and at the game.  Such a contrast to their normal behaviour!  They really are true believers.

In the early days of our marriage, I was surprised that my husband was willing to lend a hand with the household chores, something he was accustomed to, as both his parents were teachers. Mind you, I soon got used to the idea and came to appreciate it enormously!

By his example, our Sons learned how to treat women with respect, to appreciate their views and to share the washing, cooking, cleaning and decision making.

They knew from an early age, that household jobs are not gender specific, that women have a right to work, a right to have their own friends and a right to their own interests. They know, of course, that there must be reciprocity, for none of this could work, if all the giving is one sided. 

To me the essentials of life, are to find someone to love, to find something to do and to have something to look forward to.  We encouraged our Sons to take their time, to travel, not to settle for second best and to wait until the right person came along, before committing to a life together.

To be part of the wedding celebration as our youngest Son married his partner, was an absolute delight.  It's a wonderful thing to see all our chicks settled and happy. 

Our Sons have all found strong, intelligent and beautiful women to spend their lives with and we are delighted that the tradition of equality, set by my husband’s family, continues on to the next generation.


Monday 2 March 2015

Life - DT layout for CSI 156

Hello, hello, today I’m sharing a DT challenge for CSI

So, are you ready for this week's challenge? Grab your forensics kits, 
CSI members, and get ready for some serious sleuthing 
as we open Case File No. 156.
to see what the team and guests have created for your inspiration
I struggled with the colours and binned my first three attempts, so reverted back to what I know best.  The KISS principle.
I used the Teresa Collins range of papers "Nine & Co"
the bright patterned ones.
And a ten year old corrugated one by Wendy Irving.  
Glad I didn't purge that one!
Do you like the hat?

Liquid pearls 
Cursive font

I used the words, grow, spicy and power to inspire my journalling.

The photo of me was taken at a friend’s wedding on Kangaroo Island many moons ago.   We had just finished our Nursing Training and for the first time in our lives, had some choice about what we would do next.  My friend decided to marry, after only a few months courtship.

I was shocked, to say the least.  Marriage to me, at that time, spelt lack of freedom, inability to work and endless pregnancies.  Who, in their right mind would want to do that?  

Three of my Aunts were Registered Nurses, two of whom were single.  These two lived a life of freedom, dressed beautifully, drove their own cars and had regular holidays.  By contrast, the third Aunt married soon after training, had four boys in four years and suffered a nervous breakdown.   The poor woman never really recovered her brilliant mind and incisive decision making skills.

Which path would you choose, I wonder?  It seemed like a no brainer to me.  My inner voice said “Pick up your own power, explore the world and grow into the Woman you are capable of becoming.  Who knows what lies beyond the far horizon”.   So off we went, myself and I, with two like minded friends.  For a year we explored Europe, Britain, the United Sates and Canada. We Nursed the landed gentry on Harley Street.  We poured beers in pubs and cups of tea at Village Fairs.  We listened to jazz in New Orleans and protest songs in Irish pubs. We rode Camels in Egypt and ate spicy curries in Bombay.  Each country offered something new and fascinating.  Different food, architecture, languages, smells and sounds. Such enriching and enlightening experiences, which taught us that our previous view of the world was parochial and xenophobic. 

We returned home with a passion to continue our Nursing and a determination to have equal rights in any partnership. Nothing much had changed in our little corner of the world in our absence, but we knew there was more; we’d tasted it and were not ready to settle for mediocrity and small town attitudes.  This was the first of many journeys; once the travel bug has bitten it stays for a life time.  In the following years, life has not always been rosy, but I've learned that it doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal.” - Paul Coelo