Friday 28 September 2012

38 - CSI and OUAS combined challenge

38 - CSI and OAUS combined challenge

Such fabulous colours & a great sketch to kick start the mojo this week

38 - Just wanted to say

Photo by Snowgum Studio


Inspiration words used
Reading, Together

My Journalling is on the back of the page

Just when I thought I was too old to fall in love again, you were born and I was instantly besotted.  Who would have thought the smell of a newly minted bubba would revive such fiercely protective instincts; that your first fleeting smile could melt my heart so completely?

I panicked slightly when Pa and I were invited to care for you one day a week.  We wondered how we would manage a little one after so many years, but you made it easy with your gentle spirit and natural tendency to please others.  How could I have forgotten that when children are loved unconditionally and allowed to play, everything else just falls into place. 

My world is full of wonder and curiosity when viewed through the your eyes.  Every day is an adventure, discovering new tastes and textures, exploring the garden and listening to the magpies and kookaburras. You are such an observant wee bubba, soaking up information like a sponge. Nothing escapes your attention and your memory is phenomenal.    

If you are sad or tired you can always be distracted and consoled by reading a book together. You love to turn the pages and name the objects in the pictures.

You’ve brought light, love and laughter into our lives and we feel so blessed to be an integral part of your childhood.  

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Saturday 22 September 2012

37 - Mind Power

CSI Challenge - 37 combined with a sketch from OUAS

Here’s how I cracked the case.
I really struggled with the colours, but it managed to wrangle them into submission in the end.
The sketch was a great kick start to the mojo

Stripes in the paper and acetate.  Dots scattered down the left side. Also on the little girls dress.
Craft Knife used to cut out the little girl.

Journalling across several spots
Inspiration word used - THINK.  I thought about my school days and wrote a diary entry about the lessons learned from those years.

When I look at this photo of me in my school uniform, I am astonished to discover a smile on my face.  It’s certainly not the way I felt week after miserable week, as I struggled to
comprehend maths & algebra.

School was a place of deep anxiety and shame for me. I was told repeatedly, that I was dumb, stupid and would never amount to anything. I was belted & made to stand in the dunces corner.  Sadly it was not just me, but all the poor kids who were physically and psychologically abused in this manner.

But what were the best lessons from those years?

I learned to persevere & to be gentle with myself; accept that a pass is good enough if I’ve done my best. I learned the sky will not fall when I make a mistake.  I know I am more proficient with words than numbers.

I learned a deep compassion for the marginalized.  I choose not to give my power away by constantly seeking the approval of others. I feel free to question authority and defend my own ideas. I am so grateful to the tertiary teachers who demonstrated that education can 
be fun & exciting; it has the powerto heal and inspire, to 

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Sunday 16 September 2012

36 - Challenge at CSI includes a great sketch by OUAS

Mesh - Under the title
Leaves - on the Grass
Fibres - the clouds
Misting - the sky
Tone on tone - the salt lake
Elements floating - the clouds
Curved Shape - the sun

Insiration word float used


We almost didn’t make the effort to visit these life size sculptures on a salt lake in the outback.   They are so far off the beaten track, we needed an extra two days and another thousand kilometres to get there. 

There are 51 steel sculptures of men, women and children, over 10 square kilometres, all of which have to accessed by foot.

We got up in the dark and drove about 50 kilometres from Menzies to Lake Ballard.   Before sunrise, we walked on the salt lake and approached the first sculpture.  There had been rain two days before and our boots cracked the salt crust and squished down in sticky red clay.  

Whilst standing, observing one figure, another loomed far off, in the distance, with the footprints of previous travellers urging us forward. 

The stark, gaunt figures are based on body scans of people, mostly Aboriginal, who live in Menzies and somehow their spirits seem to hover over, guard and guide this remote landscape.

As the sun rose, the heat haze shimmered on the horizon so that the next figure appeared to move towards us, floating across the landscape.

There was not another soul in sight, just us and the sculptures.  I had a sense of being connected to something far greater and more infinite than myself, like being on the edge of endlessness; solitary, stark, silent, sentient, serene.

I started with a plain white page and had fun playing with texture paste, acrylic and water colour paints.  
The title is by Scrap FX. 
The boots are those I have worn since 1996.  
They are soooo comfortable.
I made the embellie of the aboriginal motif.  
It's a symbol of people gathered, seated on the land.

35 - Challenge at CSI

Fabulous boy colours to play with in case file 35

I just loved the colours this week and hope to squeak this entry in before the deadline It’s such a luxury to find time to create after three months travelling in the outback and a month baking and preparing for my son’s wedding.  I’ve had a quick look at the art for this week and am inspired by the depth of talent and artistry of the members.  Wonderful to see crafters from all over the world have joined this challenging and supportive site.

All five colours used


Paint - on the title, through the stencil and on the border to darken the blue

Heart - Charm, suspended through the “O”

Photo Corners


Inspiration word - Happy, used as a sub title and as a focus to the journalling 

Random Bits      - About these three little grand children

The journalling is the tags, tucked behind the photo and reads.

Nothing prepared us for the utter joy that being a Grandparent brings. 
Watching your individual gifts and talents emerge is an absolute delight.
You all have unique traits and personalities and I wonder which has the greater influence; nature or nurture?  We love you all more than you could possibly imagine.




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Special Investigator at CSI in May 2012

These pages were for challenges over at CSI.   I was honoured to be chosen as special investigator in May and really enjoyed being using colours and elements which are not in my "go to" repertoire.

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