Sunday, 30 March 2014

Left brain - Right brain, CSI DT challenge 116

Thanks for this brilliant case file Debbi - I absolutely loved it. 
All colours were used, plus complimentary colours less than 10%.
For a peek at what the other DT artists have created
Musical elements
Solid black background
Something that runs on electricity (computer)

Journal on several different journalling spots.
Inspiration words, think, process, idea.

The journalling is on the back and it reads:-
I found the image on the mood board inspiring and it lead me to use a silhouette of myself as a young woman.  It was cut by S. John Ross, a renowned silhouette artist who grew up in America and migrated to Australia after the second world war.  At that time he practiced his craft at Luna Park in Sydney.  For a small amount of money and about five minutes of my time he created this very good likeness. 

First he folded a thin piece of black card in half and with small scissors cut a double silhouette in just a few minutes.   So, the silhouettes combined with the mood board got me thinking about the functions of different areas of the brain. 

I had the idea that I would be primarily Right brained.  However when I did some research I found that the Left/Right brain hypothesis no longer has much credibility in the scientific world.  Despite that, I am much more at home with most of the qualities listed as being Right brained.  By contrast, during my working life, I relied on Left brain skills almost exclusively.  I was surprised to find reading and writing listed on the left, because these are two of my favourite things.

What does that all mean, you may well ask?  Perhaps that I was in the wrong career all my life?  Maybe that I’m a good all rounder?  Possibly, I'm just a crazy, mixed up kid!   I’m not really sure, but it was a fun way to crack the case. 
A photo of the legendary S. John Smith
This is the first digital page I’ve created.  I photographed my silhouettes and then inverted them.  I searched on line for free clip art to drag and drop on to the silhouettes.  The border is a brush found in Adobe PS CS3


  1. Well done with your first digital design! so very special and unique. I'm not sure either about the 'traditional' left/right brain concept, as I feel I have them both LOL.
    Wonderful design!

  2. wow wow wow !!!!! perfection plus my friend .... loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this xoxo

  3. So, soooo, eh? You talented girl! I'd love to be a blue to do them, but I have no idea.... This is a sensational page:):)

  4. Awesome and digital as well! You rocked this Case File Helen! Fabulous!

  5. oh this is incredible!
    love it!
    And I love the story behind it.

    I remember seeing S. John Smith in action at the Adelaide Show as a teenager.
    He was incredible to watch.

  6. This is digi! My goodness this is amazing, love all the thoughts in the brains.. very imaginative and creative take on the challenge!

  7. Wow...gorgeous digi creation Helen. This is a very creative and artistic page.

  8. did such a great job, on your first digital attempt! Love the silhouetted image and the styling! Super journalling, as always and certainly has given me some food for thought!