Saturday, 7 December 2013

101 CSI Challenge Christmas

These colours are my favourites, I love the green and pale aqua together and the mood board looks so festive, so I went with a Christmas photo from 2012. I know it's a busy time of the year, but why not whizz across and see what the team has created to inspire you?
You have until 15th December to enter the challenge.
I started off with white cardstock, then used a couple of stencils with texture and ink to create the background.  The grey colour was introduced with the stamp at top Left and bottom Right.
The Christmas title is as old as button up boots, but I think it looks OK with the trees.
The little trees, I cut with a Spellbinder die, coloured with alcohol inks, then added some beads to decorate.
The number stamp is from Prima. 
The twigs are made with a Martha Stewart punch.
The blue frame is by Heidi Swap
 I still love these enamel flowers by Maya Road which are very old; 
in person years they would be vintage.

Silver accents
Something dangling
Something shiny
Circles (the buttons and flairs)
Christmas accents 
Something transparent

I went to the December prompt and was inspired to write about the difference in Christmas traditions when I was a child.  The journalling is on the back of the layout and it reads:-

Last year our DGS helped decorate the Christmas tree.  He took each ornament out with care, even the ratty old ones, that his Daddy and his Uncles made in kindergarten.   His favourites were the Father Christmas figures, which he clumped together in a posse at the the front.  We chatted about what Father Christmas might bring, if he was good and he expressed an interest in an ABC book and some Lego. 

When I was a little girl, Christmas was a time of wonder and joyous anticipation.  It was often fiercly hot on Christmas Eve and we were put to bed for a few hours before being woken at 11.45 to go to Midnight Mass.  The priest wore gold vestments, the air was fragranced with incense and the Nativity scene awaited the arrival of the Christ Child. 

We had to go back to bed when we got home and were squirming with excitement, so we often whispered and giggled for hours.  We never saw Father Christmas arrive, but he always came and left just one present at the end of the bed.  One Christmas, I can remember sitting up and fossicking around in the dark, sure that he had forgotten me; but then my fingers stumbled across some strings and I knew he’d brought the tennis racket that I’d asked for.  

What has this got to do with the photo, you may well ask?   I can’t help wondering if the children of today, who have so many toys, have the same amount of joy that we experienced with that single present we received on Christmas morning.  



  1. Yes..... soon christmas is here, so much joy and excitement for the little people in our lives... thanks for sharing this excitement , love the background texture too :)

  2. Such a beautiful page, with a delightful photo.
    I enjoyed reading your journaling. We don't celebrate Christmas, but I do feel like you about the differences regarding the wealth kids experience now days, and the way we grew up. But then again, didn't our parents feel the same about us?...
    I love the flairs&buttons with the twigs and the background work is superb.

  3. Beautiful Helen. Love the Christmas trees and I always love your journalling, you have a gift for story telling. I don't think children today experience the same joy, as they have sooooo much already.

  4. Gee whizz ! That bg work is FABULOUS:):) I really like that music down the bottom & I think that kids do NOT get as much joy cos they really do have sooo much these days:):) Still, they seem to get a big buzz out of it.....soooo I guess we live in the world we live in these days, right??!!!!:):)

  5. Your page is just amazing as always - the background work is perfect for this and I love the music trail along the bottom with the little trees (that are even decorated!). The story is so sweet and I know what you mean - things just aren't the same and you often wonder if maybe they don't appreciate those little things like we did.

  6. I agree, I think it depends how a child is brought up.. I have seen some kids who just love each gift and I have seen kids open a gift and look for the next one straight away.. love your journalling and lovely photo...

  7. Love the photos Helen.....beautiful background detail and colours...I love the music strip across the bottom and the little decorated Christmas trees........As always your journaling is truly wonderful. xx..

  8. Love this sweet page Helen and love the elements that you used! I love those Christmas trees and beading, and that photo is just precious! I know Joe loves presents and he is always eager to see how many have his name on...I am trying to teach him about the presence and the gift of Christmas, which is the spirit of Christmas! ;-) Beautifully done, as always! ;-)

  9. I can so relate to your journalling Helen, still remember the Christmas when I was 8 and I got the dollie I had yearned for so long. Today I know dad had to work extra to be able to buy it for me as we were rather poor. I am chiming in with the other ladies as also I just adore the pretty trees and the wonderful background work, the details are beautiful Helen!! Mwah!

  10. I love the background on this layout it is gorgeous and 'my' stamp in the grey is so subtle and clever. I really love that stamp. You reminiscing of Christmas brought back so many memories.:) So many beautiful details on this layout and that photo of your GS putting the angel on the top of the tree is wonderful. I really love your style Helen.

  11. Gorgeous detailing once again! I love the alcohol ink tree additions - perfecto!!