Sunday 30 December 2012

52 CSI Challenge. The Greatest Gift

The colours this week just seemed perfect for a masculine theme, so I have chosen to use one of my favourite photos of my husband.  He’s a keeper.

The design is based on one by Julie Winks.  Thanks for your generosity in allowing me to use it Julie. xo

Twine and string
Hessian (burlap) and gauze

I chose to document a gift; the gift he is to me and our family.

The journalling is on the back of the page, because I wanted a lot of 
white space to show all the stamping and misting.  Sadly it has not photographed well. 

The Journalling reads:-

We started our married life, full of innocence and egocentricity, blissfully unaware of the challenges that lay ahead.  We promised to love, honour and cherish, not knowing our individual traits would some times cause friction and disharmony.  We were young and naive about the demands of a long term relationship.  We assumed the glow of romance would last forever, not understanding that children demand constant attention and quality adult time would become a scarce commodity.  We became Mum and Dad, delighting in the growth and development of our boys and fiercely protective of their safety and wellbeing.  

They challenged our parenting, our hypocrisies, our values and our patience. They pushed the boundaries, dragging us toward an understanding and tolerance of their world; one that was fraught with dangers we never faced.  Through all their erratic hormonal moods, you stood calm, firm and balanced, showing them by example, that manhood can be much more than brute strength and aggression.  For more than forty years, we’ve gently nurtured each other through grief, loss and life threatening illness.  We anticipate each others needs and make allowances for each others frailties.    

We share a passion for travel, photography, food and wine, books and music.  We debate politics and religion from disparate points of view.  We are relaxed in each other’s company and share a harmony of spirit (most of the time).  Occasionally Mr Curmudgeonly pokes his head above the parapet, but usually only in response to Mrs Bossy firing off some random crankiness.

You are Life’s greatest gift to me; my True North, my rock, my soul mate; utterly dependable, kind and trustworthy.  A gentle man and a gentleman; I feel so lucky to have found you and kept you.   Like a couple of crusty old barnacles on the ship of life, we are firmly attached to the vessel of marriage and to each other.  We weather the storms by allowing them to just wash over us and recede with the tide.  When I see the Grand children run to you with open arms and beatific smiles, I know they adore being with you too.

I love you more today, than I did when we walked down the aisle.  “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be” Robert Browning.          Journalling December 2012


  1. wow Helen this is one amazing page , full of perfection and oozing with love and compassion. love every little inch of this especially your journaling xoxox

  2. A striking page the colours, design and the minimalistic look. Fabulous little cluster, and great stamping and misting. As always thoughtful and heartfelt journaling......LOVE it!!!! x