Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Family - Guest Design spot at Kraft+

Thanks Sandra, for the chance to Guest Design with Kraft+.
What an honour to play with this talented group of Artists.

Click on Kraft+ to see how to enter and see what the DT have created to inspire you.

It's really simple, you must use Kraft as the base of your layout and for the challenge, use jigsaw puzzle pieces in whatever way you fancy.

As soon as I saw the topic for this month, I knew what I wanted to journal about, then it was a matter of trying to design a page to go with my memories. It was a difficult, but cathartic topic to record, so if you are struggling with grief and loss, feel free to stop reading now.

I turned the photo into a jigsaw puzzle in Photoshop, then pulled one piece out and let it fall.

The heart shaped puzzle was made with a Silhouette on

Maja paper and backed with Kraft.
The flair from Studio Fourteen 40 says,
"if I had one more minute with you"

A few pieces of Scrapmatts chipboard trimmed the edges.

The arrow title is also from Scrapmatts. Prima and Green Tara flowers are from my stash.

I added a bit of stamping and splashed paint. The lace flower and the Crystals are from Prima.
The photo was taken at the wedding of our youngest Son.

The journalling is on the back and it reads:-

A time of great celebration, a time of joy and laughter, of togetherness and belonging. A time to reminisce about childhood, to strengthen the bonds of family, to welcome new beginnings and threaded through it all, for me, a time tinged with sadness. I can’t help but wonder what might have been, if our daughter had lived. Would she have been like any of her Brothers; what career would she have chosen, would she be married too, with children of her own? What would it be like to have an adult daughter to share women's issues, to discuss feelings and transpersonal themes.

Years since her death, the slash of severance has healed over, but the scar remains, vulnerable to the slightest knock.

It was not meant to be; I try not to dwell on the poignancy of loss, on the missing part of my heart and I’m truly grateful for the caring, thoughtful men in my life. But at these special times,

I wish Kirsty was still here to make our family whole.

Thanks for calling in to say hello.
I truly appreciate any comments you may care to leave.


  1. Oh Helen, how heart touching your journalling is.. and the missing piece of your layout.. like the missing piece of your family.. I feel so sad knowing your loss.. beautiful photo though, beautiful thought out layout.. how special memories are.. a very personal take on the challenge.. and well done on being a guest for the month too..

    1. Thanks for you sweet and understanding words Lizzy, it means a lot to me. xo

  2. Honoured to be Guest Designing along side you Helen.
    Your page is heartfelt, inspirational and gorgeous!
    Sending you a big Hug. Love Janice xx

    1. Thanks for the big Hug Janice, just what I need after a difficult journalling. I'm lucky to have dear friends who understand. xo

  3. I had no idea you had a daughter who had died...... I always knew there was a sadness there, but thought it was more from sickness than loss. I can imagine feeling that way - having boys myself. Never having had a daughter,I've often wondered what it would be like..... but for you --- so much harder, cos your Kirsty was part of your family. ANYWAYS......
    What a fabulous page. The photo is GORG...but it's the concept I really, really love. So happy you got to GDT this month!!!

    1. Most people don't know Lizzy, but in the safe haven of caring friends, I feel brave enough to share. Your words help me heal. Thank you xo

  4. Oh my Gosh Helen, such a beautiful, soft layout and the meaning behind your layout. The piece missing from the heart, and the flair on the piece of jigsaw and the words , beautiful. Your journalling so , so beautiful. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child, but I can only imagine that a piece of your heart would always feel missing, that it would never heal, just always be there. I don't even feel I have a right to try and imagine your pain and feeling of loss, but I feel for you x
    Congrats on the GD gig , two beautiful ladies GD together.
    And I think your layout is very beautiful and precious
    Mary x

  5. As like Lizzy....I had no idea either Helen! I can't even begin to imagine what that loss would have been like! Now I know for sure that you are such a strong woman and are just amazing! I am sure that Kirsty looks down from heaven and follows your every movement and heartbeat and is always close to you! I know its many years on...but I hope that you are comforted! Thinking of you xxxx
    As for the stunning and the puzzle pieces just so incredibly special page and I am sure was absolute food and goodness for your soul! xx

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss Helen! Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Your layout is beautiful! The heart puzzle is amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Beautiful very brave of you to share your feelings with us all.My heart goes out to you. X

  8. Oh my dear Helen. How brave of you to share your sadness with us. I never knew you had such a tragic loss. As you know I have two boys and have often wondered what it would be like to have a daughter but, to have had one and to have lost her, I cannot even begin to imagine what you must have gone through and still are. My heart goes out to you. The page you have created here is so very beautiful even more so knowing the story behind it. The missing puzzle piece is so poignant, and it's blue, your favourite colour.
    love and hugs xx

  9. Oh Helen! This is amazing! What a cool photo and lovely backdrop for it! <3

  10. Oh dear Helen, another story that ripped my heart open. I have no words right now but I will talk to you soon. Much love my sweet friend. So brave to share this story and you have captured it perfectly.