Saturday, 22 September 2012

37 - Mind Power

CSI Challenge - 37 combined with a sketch from OUAS

Here’s how I cracked the case.
I really struggled with the colours, but it managed to wrangle them into submission in the end.
The sketch was a great kick start to the mojo

Stripes in the paper and acetate.  Dots scattered down the left side. Also on the little girls dress.
Craft Knife used to cut out the little girl.

Journalling across several spots
Inspiration word used - THINK.  I thought about my school days and wrote a diary entry about the lessons learned from those years.

When I look at this photo of me in my school uniform, I am astonished to discover a smile on my face.  It’s certainly not the way I felt week after miserable week, as I struggled to
comprehend maths & algebra.

School was a place of deep anxiety and shame for me. I was told repeatedly, that I was dumb, stupid and would never amount to anything. I was belted & made to stand in the dunces corner.  Sadly it was not just me, but all the poor kids who were physically and psychologically abused in this manner.

But what were the best lessons from those years?

I learned to persevere & to be gentle with myself; accept that a pass is good enough if I’ve done my best. I learned the sky will not fall when I make a mistake.  I know I am more proficient with words than numbers.

I learned a deep compassion for the marginalized.  I choose not to give my power away by constantly seeking the approval of others. I feel free to question authority and defend my own ideas. I am so grateful to the tertiary teachers who demonstrated that education can 
be fun & exciting; it has the powerto heal and inspire, to 

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  1. You struck a chord with your page, Helen. I love everything about it...the picture, fussy-cut little girl, embellies, texture and your touching journaling!

  2. This is just fabulous. So unique and the details are perfect. Gorgeous work.

  3. So heartfelt! Love how you've done the journalling and combined all the elements and requirements of the challenge. Love that 'Magic' quote. And love how you've used the colour combination. Such a great layout!

  4. Love the perfect little details!

  5. What a wonderful layout! the brick background looks fab! Thanks for joining along with OUAS :) please consider turning off the captcha feature :)

  6. Wow, I really love the clean lines and flawless design of your layout. Amazing. So very glad you joined us @ OUAS~!